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Office Party Ideas That Aren’t Totally Boring | Work Party Ideas


If you’re looking for office party ideas that won’t send you on a one-way ticket to Snooze-ville, then you’ve come to the right place! There are so many work party ideas that are fun in theory, until you realise that they’ve been done time and time again. Corporate events and corporate parties aren’t universally known for their thrilling party activities.

However, if you’ve reached the point where the thought of standing in a crowded bar with an overpriced drink in your hand makes you want to cry, then worry no more; here’s our list of the top 7 office party ideas that aren’t totally boring.

7 Staff Party Ideas That Everyone Will Love

office party ideas office olympics

Office Party Idea #1: Office Olympics

Everyone has a bit of a competitive streak, even if they try to hide it while at work! Deep down, everyone knows that it’s not the “taking part that counts”; they all know that it’s the winning that does. And what better way to demonstrate this never-before-seen need to win than an Office Olympics work party? From Desk Chair Football to Rubber Band Archery, there are various events for you and your teams to demonstrate a little friendly competition in.

The important thing to remember when it comes to hosting your very own Office Olympics is that the sillier the events are, the better your work party idea is going to be! To really put the cherry on top of the cake, we recommend getting medals for whoever comes in first, second and third place in the tournament.

Or, if you really wanted to commit to the office party, setting up your own winners’ podium so your victors can celebrate in style could be a hilarious touch. Celebrate with some well-earned ice cream as a team, and make sure to get lots of photos. You could even splash out on a photo booth!

office party ideas games

Office Party Idea #2: Games Tournament

Get your game face on by taking part in a tournament with the rest of your team. Take it as seriously as you’d like, or if you’d like, just have a lot of fun competing against your coworkers/employees.

From board games to video games, or even to your traditional (yet reinvented) dinner party games, having a games tournament is a fantastic office party/office holiday party idea that’s bound to bring out a different side to everyone. Of course, you could stick to your traditional games of Monopoly or Scrabble.

However, there are plenty of other new and exciting games currently taking the world by storm that would be brilliant for a workplace games tournament. For example, we recommend Scrawl and The Chameleon from Big Potato Games to really get the party started!

Scrawl is described as a “drawing game that can go very wrong, very quickly.” The Chameleon is described as a “spot-the-imposter game about blending in and not getting caught”. Two very different games, both guaranteed to bring your team closer.

office party ideas pub quiz

Office Party Idea #3: Pub Quiz

Test your knowledge of all things general and somewhat obscure, and do so all while swigging the beverage of your choice! You don’t necessarily have to go to the pub to do a pub quiz; it’s just as easy to create the atmosphere of a pub from the comfort of your own office! However, we pose the question: what is a quiz without answer buzzers and some truly awful team names?

If you’re quite a small team, we recommend you take it in turns to provide a round of questions each for the Question Master to read aloud on the day; whether you’re easy on the rest of your coworkers or really rack their brains is completely up to you! However, we remind you that karma is very rarely nice in return, so if you pose some truly nasty questions, expect to get them back!

office party ideas talent

Office Party Idea #4: Talent Show

It’s time to break out those secret talents that you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world, and really show your coworkers who they’re working with! Of course, some hidden talents are hidden for a reason; don’t break out any skills that could get you in trouble, or not be welcomed back the next day! However, a talent show could be the perfect way to break the ice with new coworkers and have some good old laughs with your old ones.

There are lots of things to consider when throwing a talent show as a work party idea, such as judges, performance space and even potential audience members. At Yarnfield Park, we have lots of usable outdoor space which will be perfect to host your talent show event in the summer, and plenty of indoor and entirely adaptable conference space for those chillier months of the year. So, you can rest assured that your talent show work party idea will go off without a hitch.

office party ideas awards

Office Party Idea #5: Awards Night

Letting your team know how important they are to the business and taking the time to celebrate your work family is essential to maintaining workplace morale. That’s why hosting a workplace awards night is the best work party idea for those wanting to get a little sentimental, and for those who want to reminisce. This would also make for a brilliant work Christmas party idea, as you can take this opportunity to encourage employees just in time for the holidays.

Decide on your winners in advance, get their name and achievement engraved on their very own trophy, and prepare yourself for a night of laughter. For your award ceremony, make sure you set a formal dress code (just like any other award ceremony!) and ensure that you spruce up your space accordingly with these gorgeous award ceremony decorations so that your employees feel like they’re well and truly the stars of the show!

This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate those around you, and present them with the awards that they deserve. Feel free to take this as seriously or as light-heartedly as you see fit; take a trip down memory lane, or present your awards purely based on hard work and effort.

However you choose to celebrate your awards night, just make sure that no one is left out, and everybody gets their turn in the spotlight. So, don’t forget to get the food and drinks in, and create a warm and fuzzy working environment like no other!

office party ideas escape room

Office Party Idea #6: Escape Room

If your office is filled with adrenaline junkies, logical thinkers and thrill-seekers alike, then taking part in an office escape room is the perfect work party idea for you. This is a great opportunity for those who like thinking on their feet to shine and really take a step forward for teamwork. From brand new workforces who barely know one another to teams who have been working together for years, this office party idea brings everyone together.

There are plenty of different escape rooms for your team to take part in, and depending on where you are in the UK, there are lots of escape rooms that provide extra special themed parties and experiences for you and your guests. For example, Tick Tock Unlock in Leeds has 5 very individualized (and very well-reviewed!) themed escape rooms. There’s also clueQuest in London that provides fully immersive themed experiences, and Escape Rooms Cardiff that offers literary, location and zombie-themed rooms.

office party ideas murder mystery

Office Party Idea #7: Murder Mystery

There’s been a murder, and it’s up to you to find out who did it! The game is well and truly afoot, so you and your team better pick up the pace and figure out this mystery before anyone else gets hurt (theoretically speaking, of course). Solving a murder mystery together as a team is guaranteed to bring you closer together, and leave you all with plenty of memories that will last a lifetime.

There are plenty of classic murder mysteries and ‘whodunits’ that you can easily purchase online or in any good toy/game retailer. For example, there are mysteries to solve such as Murder Aboard, Murder in the Red Room and The Reading of the Will. All three of these games are really cost-effective and bound to be a lot of fun for the teams involved.

However, if your team would rather get out and about and make this office party idea an all-day event, we recommend taking part in CluedUpp! CluedUpp is a “city-wide, crime-solving adventure game” that uses your mobile GPS to send you on a mysterious scavenger hunt around your local area!

The app sends you to meet and interrogate virtual suspects so you can solve the murder and crack the case. Even though slightly more expensive than the other boxed board games, this adventure is created to make memories that will stay with you forever.

Office Party Themes Concluded

Whether you’ve only just joined your work team, or you’ve been well and truly a member of your workplace family for years and years, there’s always room to be closer to and more understanding of those you work with.

So, whether you’d rather take part in something high energy like an escape room or Office Olympics, or you’d rather have a glamorous night at your office place award ceremony, hopefully, our list of office party ideas gave you some inspiration! Just to recap, here’s our list of the best office party ideas and themes!

  1. Office Olympics
  2. Games Tournament
  3. Pub Quiz
  4. Talent Show
  5. Awards Night
  6. Escape Room
  7. Murder Mystery

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your office party, then look no further than Yarnfield Park! Located in Staffordshire, Yarnfield Park is at the heart of the UK, making it the perfect spot to get to and from.

We are more than happy to help you host your event, and you can rest assured that you and your staff will be well taken care of by our professional and friendly team. From our incredible restaurant to our stunning accommodation options, we’re here to make you feel at home.

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