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Islamic Retreat Venue

Event Venue for Islamic Retreats & Conferences

Yarnfield Park is an Islamic retreat venue with 338 double ensuite bedrooms available. Yarnfield Park has to offer all-inclusive weekend packages and 41 meeting and conference spaces to hire. Our Islamic retreat venue is based in Staffordshire set within 20 acres of countryside grounds with the ability to host a fantastic range of spiritual events and fun activities.

Muslim Retreat UK at Yarnfield Park

Yarnfield Park is a leading training and conference venue in the heart of the UK with experience hosting a range of faith-based events and retreats including Islamic retreats.

Our specialist team at Yarnfield Park are pleased to welcome you and your community into our venue where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the Staffordshire countryside. Ideal for youth groups, we can offer plenty of outdoor space, exclusive use and catering if required.

Exclusive Venue Booking

We can offer our Islamic retreat venue exclusively for your event so your community can feel comfortable and can create a home away from home. We can offer a variety of bedroom set-ups as well as amenities and facilities such as:

  • Free Onsite Car Parking
  • Flexible Meeting Room Hire
  • 20 Acres of Beautiful Grounds for outdoor activities
  • Dedicated Prayer Room

View a video tour of our venue.

Our team will also cater to your dietary requirements including halal, vegan and food intolerances. Our professional chefs create specialised menus that will suit your requirements whilst meeting our sustainable venue promise. Our outdoor space is also available for BBQs, street food and vendor style food options.

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All-inclusive Packages for Muslim Retreats

At Yarnfield Park we can tailor a package that suits your group’s retreat requirements on a per-person basis.

Our packages include everything you need for a successful event including meeting room hire, stationery, AV technology hire, accommodation and food.

There is also an onsite Costa Coffee as well as free car parking. Our conference venue in Staffordshire provides easy access to train stations and motorways. Find out more about our location and travel options.

Outdoor space for your Islamic Retreat Venue

Our Muslim retreat venue offers large outdoor space perfect for spiritual retreats to help bring your community together.

We offer 20 beautiful, peaceful acres which offer large flat landscaped grounds which are perfect for outdoor payer groups or meditation.

The space also accommodates a large marquee for meetings, dinners, or dance-style activities and events.

Alternatively, utilise the space for outdoor activities and team building games, plus outdoor breakout spaces for your community.

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Muslim Retreat Accommodation in the UK

We have 338 flexible double ensuite bedrooms available to book, of which 67 can be transformed into twin bedrooms.

If you are here for a religious retreat or an Islamic conference, you can relax knowing you will receive a comfortable nights sleep. Our bedrooms come equipped with:

  • Ensuite
  • Tea & coffee making facilities
  • Free superfast Wi-Fi
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Work desk

If you would like more information on our Islamic retreat venue in the UK, get in contact with our friendly team. We can discuss retreat packages and your community requirements to create the perfect retreat.

Yarnfield Park hotel bedroom with desk


  • The staff at Yarnfield Park are professional, friendly and have the most helpful “can do” attitude and are a delight to work with.  They have worked closely with us to look at lots of options for our annual Convocation to take place as a hybrid event without us having to worry about any of the

    The Methodist Diaconal Order

Why Choose Yarnfield Park for your Islamic Retreat Venue?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there accommodation available for event attendees?

Yes, we provide accommodation options for event attendees. We understand that some events may require participants to stay overnight, and we aim to make the experience as convenient as possible. 

Our venue offers comfortable and well-equipped guest rooms that can accommodate a range of group sizes. The accommodation includes amenities such as comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, Wi-Fi access, and other necessary facilities to ensure a pleasant stay. 

Can I visit Yarnfield Park Retreat Centre for a day retreat?

Yes, we can be hired for day retreats. You can enjoy the serene surroundings and participate in the retreat activities during the day, without staying overnight. Please contact us for more information and availability.

Are meals included in the retreat package?

Yes, meals are typically included in the retreat package at Yarnfield Park. We offer a variety of delicious and healthy options, catering to different dietary requirements. Please inform us in advance about any specific dietary needs.

What facilities are available at your retreat centre?

Our retreat centre provides a range of facilities including meeting rooms, meditation spaces, yoga studios, dining areas, outdoor spaces, and free Wi-Fi. Additionally, there is ample parking available on-site.

Does your retreat centre provide accommodation?

Yes, our retreat centre offers comfortable accommodations for retreat participants. There are a variety of room options available, ranging from single rooms to shared dormitories, depending on your preference and budget. Contact us with your requirements to discuss accommodation options available.

How do I book a retreat at Yarnfield Park?

To book a retreat at Yarnfield Park, fill out our booking form. Alternatively, you can contact our retreat centre directly through the provided contact information.

What types of retreats are offered at Yarnfield Park?

Our retreat centre has been hired by a range of retreat organisers including mindfulness retreats, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, wellness retreats, spiritual retreats, and corporate retreats.

How do you budget for a retreat?

Begin by defining your retreat goals, considering factors such as location and duration. Take a look at our accommodation and catering options whilst planning transportation and activities. 

Our retreat centre offers affordable accommodation options and delicious meals that cater to various dietary needs. We provide transparent pricing information and a dedicated team to assist you in creating a budget that suits your requirements. Contact us today, and let us help you plan a memorable retreat while staying within your budget.

How do you organise a retreat?

Planning a retreat at our retreat centre is a breeze. Start by defining your retreat’s purpose and desired outcomes. Reach out to our team directly or through our website to provide details such as participant count, preferred dates, and duration. 

Our experienced staff will work with you to customise a retreat package tailored to your needs. With a range of facilities and amenities, including accommodation, flexible catering options, meeting rooms, meditation spaces, and outdoor areas, we can accommodate various activities.

What makes a good retreat leader?

A good retreat leader possesses several key qualities that contribute to a successful and enriching experience. Firstly, effective communication skills are essential. A retreat leader should be able to clearly articulate ideas, actively listen to participants, and foster open dialogue. 

They should also possess strong organisational and planning abilities, ensuring that the retreat runs smoothly and meets its objectives. A good retreat leader is adaptable and flexible, able to respond to unexpected situations with grace and find solutions. They should inspire and motivate participants, creating an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth. 

What makes a retreat successful?

A successful retreat combines purposeful planning, meaningful content, and a nurturing environment that leaves participants feeling inspired, fulfilled, and equipped with valuable takeaways.

How many people attend a retreat?

The number of people attending a retreat can vary depending on the specific needs and objectives of the event. At our retreat centre, we can accommodate both small and large groups for retreats. Our venue offers a range of facilities and accommodations suitable for different group sizes, whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a larger-scale retreat. 

We recommend considering the purpose of your retreat, the activities you have planned, and the level of interaction you desire among participants when determining the ideal number of attendees. Our experienced team are available to discuss your requirements and assist in determining the appropriate group size for your retreat at Yarnfield Park.

What month is best for a retreat?

The best month for a retreat depends on various factors, such as the location, theme, and preferences of the participants. Our retreat centre offers retreats throughout the year, allowing you to choose a month that aligns with your specific goals and needs. 

Spring and autumn are popular choices due to the pleasant weather and beautiful natural surroundings. Summer months provide opportunities for outdoor activities, while winter retreats can offer a cosy and reflective atmosphere. 

Consider the availability of your preferred retreat centre, seasonal considerations, and the schedules of your participants when determining the best month for your retreat.

How long do retreats last?

The duration of retreats can vary, ranging from a single day to multiple weeks, depending on factors such as goals, logistics, and participant availability. Weekend retreats and those lasting 3-7 days are commonly chosen for youth groups or wellness retreats. 

Shorter retreats may focus on specific themes, while longer ones allow for comprehensive exploration. It’s crucial to find a balance between reflection, learning, and relaxation while considering participants’ schedules. 

At Yarnfield Park, our retreat centre offers various comfortable accommodation options, catering to the length of the retreat to suit your attendees. We understand the importance of allowing participants to fully immerse themselves and provide a welcoming environment for their extended stay.

What is the meaning of a work retreat?

A work retreat holds a significant purpose for organisations and teams. It refers to a dedicated period of time where employees come together outside the usual work environment to focus on specific work-related objectives, foster collaboration, and enhance team dynamics. 

The meaning of a corporate retreat lies in creating an opportunity for reflection, learning, and rejuvenation. It allows participants to step away from daily routines, distractions, and pressures to engage in strategic planning, problem-solving, skill-building, and team bonding activities. 

What does it mean to go on a retreat?

Going on a retreat at Yarnfield Park means taking a purposeful break from the demands of daily life to immerse oneself in a focused and transformative experience. Retreats offer a unique opportunity for self-reflection, personal growth, and rejuvenation. 

They provide a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can disconnect from distractions, explore new perspectives, and deepen their connection with themselves and others. 

Whether it’s a wellness retreat, a leadership retreat, or a team-building retreat, going on a retreat allows participants to replenish their energy, gain valuable insights, and create lasting memories.

Do you hold retreats?

We do not organise and hold retreats ourselves, we hire out our venue to businesses, charities, companies and religious groups that are looking to hold them.

What are the accommodation option for retreats?

We offer separate girls and boys bedroom blocks which are perfect for youth retreats. We also have a range of twin bedrooms and double bedrooms that are perfect for adults, young adults and couples or families. 

We can also offer a large amount of outdoor space that is perfect for youth groups to camp.

Can we hold a youth retreat

Yes, our venue is ideal for youth retreats and adult retreats. You can also have exclusive use of our venue which is perfect for youth retreats to ensure you have enough space for all of your attendees, activities and safe spaces.

Can we prepare our own food?

Yes. We have onsite facilities to prepare food for you but if you’d rather prepare your own food you will have access to kitchen and dining facilities. Please let us know when booking if this is your preference.

Can we have exclusive use of the venue?

Yes, we are happy for you to hire out our entire venue for your event, please let our team know that you’re interested in exclusive use when booking.

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