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How to make a good presentation for training employees

When hosting a presentation, being a genuinely friendly and confident speaker does the world of good. People are so much more likely to be engaged by someone who uses humour and gives encouragement, a...


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Top 8 Christmas Movies to Power you through December

As December looms, the excitement and stress gets ever closer. Christmas music, sleigh bells and cold noses are all features of the festive season and what better way to warm up than curled in front o...


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Delicious Christmas Food for Vegetarians

Christmas is all about music, loved ones and food. It’s the perfect time for indulging and trying new things. If you’re cooking for a veggie, some people may feel daunted by this prospect....


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Why you should have meetings outside the office

Meetings are commonplace in the workplace. They can be productive and inspiring or can end up feeling like a waste of time. The setting of a meeting can dramatically change the course of the discussio...


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How to plan the best Christmas party

Christmas is an exciting time of year. With all the food, celebrations and reunions occurring, it can be a busy time. If you’re planning a Christmas party, it can be easy to get caught up. We...


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Why meetings should be short

We’ve all been involved in a boring meeting. The room is stuffy, the speaker is droning on and productivity is at an all-time low. Ideally, you want to lead and attend meetings which are informa...


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How to write meeting minutes

What are meeting minutes? Meeting minutes are a record of your meeting. It usually includes details of what happened, any decisions made and by who. Ensuring you do so is important. It serves as a rem...


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6 Questions You Should Always Ask About Hotels Before Booking

Finding the perfect hotel can be a little tricky. You want to ensure you have all the right amenities that you and your party need. We’ve put together a guide on which questions you should ask when ...


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How does tech affect your conference?

Technology has advanced majorly in the last few years. Whether for better or worse, we have many advancements that those 20 years ago wouldn’t have even dreamt off. Of course, these advancements hav...


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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Meeting?

We’ve all been in one of those meetings. Too hot, not engaging, and you frankly can’t wait until it’s over. Ideally, meetings should be productive, boost creativity and hopefully strengthen ...


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