What Is A Serviced Office? The Top 5 Things You Should Know

What is a serviced office, and what are the benefits of a serviced office? In short, it’s a workspace that seems to cater specifically for businesses and companies that are more flexible when it comes to their physical stability. However, the more detailed explanation is that these office solutions for businesses are often rented and used by those that require flexible workspaces, but looking to avoid large and often unnecessary fees, and value the creative and collaborative efforts of their workforce over their physical location.

According to Statista, a website that prides itself on its database of facts and knowledge, London was the leading European city when it came to the sheer volume of flexible coworking spaces last year: boasting an impressive 28.4 kilometres by square metre. The UK, therefore, is one of the best places to be if you’re on the lookout for serviced office spaces.

In fact, many venues and commercial properties across the country are currently using their buildings as private office spaces, such as our venue Yarnfield Park.  We offer an array of self-contained, managed offices for you to rent, as well as multiple meeting and event spaces and parking for you and your clients.

Now you know what a serviced office is, you’ll next be thinking about why one might be the right fit for your company. Here are our top reasons for considering renting a serviced office for your business.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about serviced offices:

  • What is meant by serviced offices?
  • What are the benefits of a serviced office?
  • What is the cost of a serviced office?

What Are The Benefits Of A Serviced Office?

1) A Cost-Effective Choice

One of the many advantages of a serviced office is that more often than not, you get exactly what you pay for. That means the space you rent will usually be already furnished and ‘kitted out’, so to speak. This option is fantastic for those businesses who would prefer to prioritise other aspects of their company and spend their money elsewhere. Minimal overheads typically mean minimal commitments, especially in regards to where your money is going.

2) Flexible Leases And Timing Solutions

A lot of serviced offices are rented on an incredibly short-term lease. The lack of a long-term contract makes them the perfect choice for businesses where having a permanent physical location isn’t a top priority.

For those companies who would prefer to keep their options open, and like to move around a lot, a flexible office space like this might be a step in the right direction. These offices also, more often than not, have a quick turnaround. This means that it’s very unlikely you’ll be left struggling to find a place to work.

3) Brand New Employment Options

Having the option to move your business’s physical location easily and on a short-notice allows for your company to be open to a whole new cast of potential employees. Not only this, but setting up a variety of offices around the world makes your business more valuable, contactable, and well-known to competitors and future clients. Having multiple addresses for your company makes establishing a future base for your business that little bit simpler in the long run.

4) Tailored For Your Company

No matter what type of business you have, or are planning to have for that matter, renting a serviced office is the perfect choice when it comes to establishing/re-establishing who you are as a brand. Many entrepreneurs, start-up companies, or small businesses that are simply looking to expand their reach use these offices in order to achieve their goals without being committed to one place for too long. Whoever you are as a business, an office space like this is proven to assist you in your endeavours.

5) Limitless Access

More often than not, most offices or venues that host serviced office spaces already come fully equipped with reception desks, chairs, and everything else you could possibly think of. Many of these places also include kitchens and canteen areas which are fully accessible for your employees to spend their time. Some of these facilities might cost you a little extra, so it’s always wise to check with your host before you rent, but most of the time these facilities and services act on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Look Out For Unexpected Additional Fees

As mentioned previously, a lot of providers across the country do offer a pay-as-you-go scheme, and this really does depend on a variety of factors. Depending on how many people you have working in these offices, the size of the workspace, even where your office is based will all contribute significantly to how much your bill will total.

Of course, if you’re planning on setting up shop in England’s capital, you might be looking at spending an average monthly total of around £700, whereas creating a base situated in the capital of Wales will only cost you around £300.

This is a huge gap, which is certainly not to be sniffed at when it comes to choosing where to rent. However, this shouldn’t be said as a light, sweeping statement: it is, of course, possible to find a space that fits into a smaller budget in London, as well as an office in Wales that might cost that little bit more.

As well as this, be sure not to forget about extra hidden charges, such as internet providers and telephone services. Although basic versions of these are often included with your rented office space, depending on the demands of your business, you may need to consider updating some systems. Some spaces also charge for extra commodities, such as meeting rooms, kitchen space, or even printing equipment.

What Is A Serviced Office? Conclusion

A serviced office space might be the perfect fit for your company, whether you’re looking for ample opportunity to find new people, or whether you’re just looking for a temporary home for your business in a virtual office or otherwise. Whatever your reasoning is behind potentially renting out a new office space, remember to consider the main benefits of a serviced office:

  1. A Cost-Effective Choice
  2. Flexible Timing Solutions
  3. Brand New Employment Options
  4. Tailored For Your Company
  5. Limitless Access

If you’re looking for serviced offices in Staffordshire, look no further than our nation training centre and business centre, Yarnfield Park. Our offices offer excellent Wi-Fi services, as well as high-quality facilities and utilities. We’re also situated in an ideal location, meaning that whoever your employees or clients are, you’re in an easy-to-reach place. With all of our amenities available at a reasonable price, we’re here to help.

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