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Team Building

Looking to energize, motivate and improve team dynamic? Our onsite events will bring your teams together in a fun and challenging environment and are the perfect add on to your training event or conference.

Choose from four activity sessions from just £5

Team Games A chance for your staff to get physical and have fun with races and games such as relays, obstacle courses, frisbee, and hula hooping. Led by an expert instructor.

All these activities last for 1 hour and are available for up to 40 people per session at £5 plus vat per person. (Minimum 10 people)


One of our qualified instructors will put your staff through their paces! This popular exercise class can be run inside or out around the centre’s grounds and includes exercises such as press ups, shuttle runs, burpees, and squat thrusts!

Dodgeball Tournament

You have seen the movie, now live out your own dodgeball tournament. Games will be refereed, the tournament structured and medals awarded!

Yoga or Pilates

A chance for your staff to relax and reflect. Led by an expert instructor. Why not facilitate this opportunity for them?