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8 Team-Building Benefits That Your Co-Workers Will Love


Whether you’ve just finished taking part in some serious team building activities, or you’re still thinking about taking that final step towards organising something fun and exciting for your team; you simply can’t deny the amount of team-building benefits you could be potentially missing out on if you decide against it.

There are so many team-building benefits, it’s almost impossible to think of the negatives. Team building events and team building activities can be literally anything you want them to be; as cheap, expensive, tame, exciting, or as just plain weird as you like.

All of the advantages of team building are so vast, that we couldn’t possibly compile all of them into one big list. We can, however, list a whole eight benefits of team building activities below! Carry on reading, or send this blog to your workplace’s activity coordinator to really seal the deal!

Benefits of Team Building Activities; The Definitive List

team building benefits chocolate

1) Boosted Morale Amongst The Team

Improved morale in the office is one of the most significant advantages of team building activities, as well as increased productivity and improved communication. An engaged and optimistic workforce that feels cared for will spread that atmosphere all across the office, making it a pleasant and enjoyable place to work. Morale-boosting team exercises, such as Sweet Success Chocolate and Ice Sculpting Challenges, can really help break down barriers between staff and employers if there were any, to begin with.

team building benefits confident

2) Through-The-Roof Confidence

Individual confidence, as well as their trust in their colleagues’ abilities, can both be increased for employees, especially through participating in team-building events.

This increased confidence can give coworkers that new lease of life, and the confidence to share fresh ideas and rely on others in the group to execute tasks and activities that are guaranteed to benefit the company later on down the line.

These team-building exercises do wonders; especially if you can find the perfect team building game that improves productivity, develops problem-solving skills, and builds trust between team members in the work environment.

team building benefits mental health

3) Significant Mental Health Improvement

When it comes to improving your mental health, there’s a lot to be said for the combination of getting out and about, and being somewhat sociable with your coworkers. Everyone knows by now just how much being outdoors can benefit your mental health, but combining that with getting to know your coworkers, and maybe even partaking in a little bit of exercise is guaranteed to work wonders on your mental health.

team building benefits fun

4) Excessive Amounts Of Fun To Be Had

What’s more fun than hanging out with your super-cool, incredibly fun co-workers? Hanging out with your super-cool, incredibly fun co-workers while not being at work. Wait! We can do you one better: Hanging out with your super-cool, incredibly fun co-workers while not being at work and making really exciting memories together you’ll look back on fondly for years and years to come.

On a serious note, coming together to do some fun activities or something silly like Totally Wiped Out or It’s A Knockout will guarantee a lot of laughs. Online team building is great and all, but nothing improves company culture like an in-person team-building exercise.

team building benefits sports day

5) Potential For Physical Health Improvements

Now, this one is entirely dependent on the type of team building activity you’re looking to do; if you’re wanting to take your team out to a fifteen-course dinner with a completely open bar, then perhaps your bodies might not be thanking you very much the next morning.

However, if your idea of a fantastic team building day out involves a School Sports Day Spectacular or a swift bout of Bungee Running, then you might be in a little bit of luck when it comes to getting your daily steps in.

team building benefits understanding

6) Better Understanding Of Your Team

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to improve the way in which you work is to really get to know the people you’re working with. After all, every team’s goal is to work together to achieve the same common goal; to get projects completed.

So, taking the time to understand where your co-workers are really coming from, and taking note of their strengths and weaknesses, is guaranteed to not only bring a workplace closer together but make your day-to-day work life that little bit easier.

team building benefits talents

7) Unearthing Hidden Talents

You don’t learn much about your staff in the midst of a chaotic day at work. While chatting at team-building events outside of the office, hidden abilities that can be beneficial to the organisation and even promote careers have the opportunity to be uncovered. Introducing team bonding activities to learn more about your staff might help you tap into their talents.

team building benefits leader

8) The Opportunity To Lead

The opportunity to lead can come few and far between for a lot of employees, as for many, it isn’t seen as particularly necessary for their specific job role. However, some people are just natural leaders, whether that fits into their job description or not.

So, taking part in certain team building activities such as Blindfold Driving or Enter The Dragon’s Lair can really bring certain members of your team out of their shells, and well and truly into the spotlight. This can then transfer into their work life, after demonstrating their capabilities.

Team Building Benefits Concluded

We’re sure you’re already feeling the overwhelmingly positive effects of your latest team building event, but if you weren’t before, we hope we’ve brought some to your attention! Team building benefits need to be taken seriously, as they can do absolute wonders for the way you go about working together and getting things done. Just as a reminder, here’s our list of 8 incredible team-building benefits to inspire you:

  1. Boosted Morale Amongst The Team
  2. Through-The-Roof Confidence
  3. Significant Mental Health Improvement
  4. Excessive Amounts of Fun To Be Had
  5. Potential For Physical Health Improvements
  6. Better Understanding Of Your Team
  7. Unearthing Hidden Talents
  8. The Opportunity To Lead

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