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8 Outdoor Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love


Whether the sun is shining, the rain is pouring, or at the very least, the clouds are looking awfully threatening; taking part in outdoor team building activities can really bring your team closer together. At Yarnfield Park, we’re very fortunate to have the team at Off Limits as our wonderful partners, and it just so happens that team bonding games are right up their street!

Off Limits specialize in organising teamwork games and team-building outdoor events for business big and small. Their creative teams work tirelessly to ensure that your team gets the very best: from large corporate parties and events to out-of-the-box company days out. So, for all of the best outdoor team building activity ideas, make sure you keep your eyes peeled and get ready to take notes.

Unique Team Building Activities for Teams

outdoor team building activities scavenger hunt

1) Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for a spectacular adventure. It’s always fun, especially when you get to solve riddles along the way. Take your team on a whirlwind adventure around your nearest city! This outdoor team building game will take your team to brand new heights as you solve clues, follow hints and scramble to figure out what comes next.

Companies like Let’s Roam allow you to search for premade scavenger hunts in your area, as well as hosting virtual events so that no team feels left out. It even allows you to incorporate office trivia and inside jokes, as well as customise the route you take so you only take a set amount of time, just so that your scavenger hunt feels like it really is just for your team. This will really test your team’s communication skills!

outdoor team building activities wipe out

2) Totally Wiped Out 

If you and your team are big fans of the classic television show Total Wipeout, then this crowd-pleasing teamwork game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Just one of the many team-building events and activities that Off Limits offers, Totally Wiped Out is a fantastic twist on the traditional show that you and your team are invited to compete in.

While standing in a circle, come face to face with the dreaded Sweeper Arm, try and dodge the fists of fury when facing the Punch Wall, or prepare to go flying when attempting everyone’s favourite: The Big Red Balls! This outdoor activity is the perfect way to bond with your team because nothing brings people closer together than laughing… and mutually shared embarrassment. 

outdoor team building activities beach day

3) Beach Day Outdoor Team Building Activity 

Picture this: it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you’re stuck inside of your office. The air conditioning isn’t working as well as it should, and your team doesn’t seem too happy about it. You’re trying to think of a fun activity to do, but you still want people to work hard. Jigsaw puzzles won’t cut it, and you’ve done every single ice breaker in the book.

Now, picture this: it’s a beautiful sunny day, and you and your team have taken a trip to your nearest beach (which you’ve found using Beach-Finder)! There’s a burger or two on a BBQ, and everyone’s having a great time. Which one do you prefer? 

This outdoor team building activity requires very little expense and is guaranteed to bring your team a lot closer together. As long as you remember to bring the BBQ, a lot of sun cream and a freezer stocked with ice cream, you’re set to have the best Beach Day ever! And don’t forget your swim trunks; some things are impossible to live down!

outdoor team building activities soap box derby

4) Outdoor Team Building Soap Box Derby 

If your team likes to live fast and furiously, then buckle your seatbelts: the Soap Box Derby is yet another fantastic team-building exercise from the team over at Off Limits!

Described as what happens when “Robot Wars meets Wacky Races”, having your team compete in a Soap Box Derby is the perfect combination of silly and serious. Using random objects, sheets of paper, and a long list of items you’d never have expected to craft a vehicle has never sounded so fun!

For those members of your team who love the thrill of competition, this will be their time to shine. You might see a side to them that you’d never have expected, one that they might be able to keep very well hidden at work! The Soap Box Derby is also a great opportunity for your team’s individual skills to shine, as those creatives among you will enjoy building the vehicles, whereas others will thrive when behind the wheel. 

outdoor team building activities camping

5) Camping Outdoor Team Building Activity

It’s a given: some of your team members just won’t be the ‘outdoorsy’ type, and probably won’t enjoy a night out in the wilderness as much as others. However, the opportunity to escape from the everyday routine doesn’t come around very often, and exploring nature with very little phone signal could turn out to be more of a blessing than you might initially expect. 

If your team is filled with survivalists and nature experts, feel free to camp the old fashioned way: just you, a fire and a tent in the woods. However, if your team likes the idea of camping just without the ‘camping’ part, there are lots of places in the UK to go Glamping. This way, you get to experience nature, just without all of the scary bits! Depending on your group size, you might even be able to do both with this outdoor team building activity!

outdoor team building activities mantis

6) I’m An Employee…Get Me Out of Here! 

Another fantastic idea from our partners over at Off Limits! If you fancy yourself a real daredevil, or if you find yourself simply watching I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here every year and saying “I could do that”, then this is the perfect team-building task for you. Put your money where your mouth is: it’s a real Jungle Experience

Take part in I’m An Employee…Get Me Out Of Here and try to win as many stars as you can for your team. Divide the group into two and compete over the course of many, many horrible trials. Your teams will be tested with all sorts of creepy crawlies in a bid to win the competition. Although this activity might sound like your worst nightmare, we can assure you that you and your team will have a great time. 

outdoor team building activities yoga

7) Outdoor Team Building Yoga or Meditation

Meditation has taken the world by storm in recent years, with lots of people beginning to see the benefits that daily meditation or yoga can really bring to the human body and mind. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people used yoga as “a powerful tool to deal with the lockdown’s uncertainty and isolation”

Practising outdoor yoga or meditation as a team-building activity can help bring some peace, unity and harmony to your workplace. Workplaces are often hives of activity, where more often than not, no one can bring themself to look up from their computer screens or even take a deep breath every once in a while.

So, choose a day when the sun is set to shine, purchase a few yoga mats, or hire a professional yoga instructor for the day: the choice is yours! Just make sure that your team is focused, calm, and zen. 

outdoor team building activities kindness

8) Random Acts of Kindness Outdoor Team Building Activity

Last but not least, why not spread a little love in the community? Spending the day doing random acts of kindness is a fantastic team building activity, as it brings a lot of joy to an awful lot of people! Whether you spend the day writing complimentary notes on slips of paper and handing them out to strangers, or you pay for someone’s coffee order for them. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the gesture is, we can guarantee you’re bound to make someone’s day. 

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has lots of inspirational ideas as to what you can do to spread kindness wherever you go. Their website is full of brilliant resources for people of all ages so that everyone can be a little more kind in their day-to-day lives.  

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Outdoor Team Building Activities Conclusion

What outdoor team building activity would be the perfect fit for you and your team? Would your team want to test your nerve by taking part in some icky-sticky trials? Or would your team prefer to live the true luxurious Escape To The Country experience by glamping in the woods? Whatever activity you choose, we hope you have fun creating unforgettable memories with your team and grow stronger because of it. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your outdoor team building activity day, then look no further than Yarnfield Park. Based in Staffordshire, Yarnfield Park has over 20 acres of outdoor space that is perfect for almost any activity you have planned. From charity fun days to corporate days out, Yarnfield Park has just the facilities you need to throw the best event ever.