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Offsite Training Sessions

The Benefits of Offsite Training Sessions


Training sessions are vital for making sure that skills do not stagnate and that employees are motivated enough to do their jobs well and stay with the organisation. While on-site training sessions can work well in some situations, it is common for employees to benefit more from offsite training, locations such as our training venue in Staffordshire are ideal for offsite training due to our experience as a national training venue. If you’re wondering whether you should opt for onsite or offsite training, find out the top benefits of offsite training below.

Fresh Surroundings and Perspective at Offsite Training Facilities

Offsite Training

Getting away from your Staffordshire office can reinforce the importance of what you are doing, as well as giving your team fresh surroundings that can help to boost creativity. Out of the box thinking is easier when you are out of the office. It is also important to note that staff will normally think that the training session is more important due to the financial investment that is made in the offsite training and therefore them.

Include Staff Bonding Activities

offsite training

Many training venues offer team building activities as part of their offsite training packages. Team bonding activities are great for improving staff cohesion and working practices, which is why you should take the opportunity to include some team bonding activities when you are going offsite for training. It doesn’t have to be gruelling brain teasers and lots of physical activities – even just sharing a meal together can help your team to become more comfortable with each other and increase the levels of positive interactions in your workplace. Of course, if your training programme won’t allow for this, either because there wouldn’t be time within working hours or another reason, you could always do this at another time.

Improved Training Facilities

offsite training

Depending on the type of training session you are after, you may need extra audio-visual equipment that you may not have in your office environment. If you need whiteboards, screens, projectors or notepads, a good training venue will be able to provide these for you. You should also be able to get tea, coffee and refreshments from your offsite training venue to keep you going until those breaks.

Improved Offsite Training Venues

offsite training

It’s easy to not see the space that you have at your office clearly when you are there so often. For training many people at once, you’ll need to consider whether you really have enough room to fit all of those people in at once. You’ll also have to think about their needs – do they need a table so that they can make notes comfortably or will they need lots of floorspace for practical activities or perhaps even both? Having lots of people in a meeting room with little personal space is not going to go well so if you’re having a larger training session, you would most likely be better off renting some training space, as this will improve people’s concentration and learning takeaways.

More Room to Network With Other Teams

Offsite training

If your training session will involve multiple teams, you will be able to take advantage of breakout spaces that will allow the different teams to interact with each other during breaks from the training session. If you opt for offsite training, people won’t be rushing back to their desks during breaks, it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage inter-team networking.

Offsite Training Venues Remove Distractions

offsite training

When training occurs at the office, it is common for meetings to be interrupted. This could be someone with a “quick” question or issue and most of the time these could have been sorted out after the training had been finished but the speaker believed it was worthy of the interruption, as your session was only down the hall. While there will be some exceptions to this, training sessions will benefit from being away from the office as it will minimise these disruptions, which will distract not only the person for whom the message is intended but also the trainer and the other attendees.

If you’re still looking for your training provider, take a look at the career skills and training on the Gov website for help.

Summary of The Benefits of Offsite Training Sessions

  • Fresh Surroundings and Perspective at Offsite Training Facilities
  • Include Staff Bonding Activities
  • Improved Training Facilities
  • Improved Offsite Training Venues
  • More Room to Network With Other Teams
  • Offsite Training Venues Remove Distractions

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