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Benefits of Corporate Away Days

Work away days offer a valuable opportunity for employees to connect and build stronger relationships outside of the office environment. Through team-building activities and improved communication, these off-site events foster a deeper understanding among team members, both personally and professionally. 

Stepping away from the usual work routine and immersing themselves in a different setting allows employees to adapt to new situations and discover unknown aspects about their colleagues. The benefits of company away days are vast, ranging from enhanced team collaboration and increased communication to providing a platform for personal growth and skill development. 

By organising a well-planned corporate away day, employers can create a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that encourages open conversation and facilitates bonding among employees. These work social events also enable individuals to experience new activities, broadening their horizons and injecting fresh energy into the workplace. 


  • The Benefits of Corporate Away Days
  • What Does Team Away Day Mean?
  • What is the Purpose of Staff Away Days?
  • What Do You Wear to a Team Away Day?
  • What Should Be Included in a Team Away Day?

The Benefits of Corporate Away Days

There are many different ways to maximise the benefits of work away days including planning, choice of team building event and structure. The benefits of work away days can range from improving employee satisfaction and engagement to lowering staff turnover and improving skills.

1. Enhance Communication

Corporate events provide a valuable opportunity for employees to escape the monotony of everyday work tasks like emails and paperwork. These events allow face-to-face interactions and conversations that go beyond work-related topics through engaging team-building activities

Such experiences are particularly beneficial for team bonding, especially in larger organisations where teams may be divided by function or job sectors. When employees feel a strong connection and affiliation with their peers, they are more motivated to take positive actions that contribute to the success of the business. They become less likely to actively seek new job opportunities, more inclined to rate their own, their team’s, and their organisation’s performance highly, and more willing to take risks that lead to innovation.

In fact, research shows that socialising, friendships, and relationships are considered important for career progression, with company away days serving as a perfect platform for fostering friendships and improving face-to-face communication.

2. Encourage Team Bonding & Motivation

Work away days and team-building events have a positive impact on motivation within the workplace, despite the common aversion to forced fun. These events provide employers with an important tool to creatively motivate their employees

By organising team-building activities and enjoyable experiences during these away days, employers can encourage the development of skills and behaviours necessary for achieving the organisation’s strategic goals. 

Employee Benefits has conducted case studies showcasing the effectiveness of company away days in increasing motivation. For instance, media recruitment firm Source boosts employee engagement and motivation by organising quarterly nights out and biannual weekend trips for the entire company. 

These weekend trips foster team bonding and allow employees to spend quality time together outside the regular work environment. The employees feel motivated and rewarded, leading to higher employee retention rates and attracting high-quality candidates to the company.

3. Gain Honest Feedback 

Awaydays are often casual and informal which is the perfect setting to gain honest feedback. You always want to know what your employees think about the company, what their opinions are and how they think the business could be improved. Discussing these issues within a relaxed environment will make your colleagues feel more comfortable to be honest.

Where work away days often give the opportunity for team bonding, it is also much more likely that your staff will receive constructive feedback in a much more positive way.

If your team feel better connected to each other, then they will feel a lot more confident to give honest feedback to their peers as well as receive it in a positive light.

4. Encourage Friendly Competition

Incorporating a little friendly competition into your away day can have a positive impact on morale and overall motivation in the workplace. Research indicates that competition can drive employees to put in extra effort and achieve better results, especially when there are incentives or rewards involved. 

Choosing an away day that includes competitive elements provides an opportunity for individuals to showcase their strengths and abilities while going head-to-head with their peers. 

Organising a sports day where employees are divided into groups and compete against each other for rewards can be an excellent way to foster healthy competition and encourage team bonding during a company away day.

5. Skill Development & Training

Corporate away days can be utilised as an opportunity to provide employees with valuable training and skill development sessions. Companies can arrange workshops, seminars, or presentations delivered by industry experts or internal leaders.

These sessions enable employees to acquire new knowledge, learn industry best practices, and enhance their professional skills. The practical and interactive nature of corporate away days ensures that employees are engaged and actively involved in their learning, leading to tangible skill improvements that can be applied in their day-to-day work.

6. Improved Employee Wellbeing 

Corporate away days play a crucial role in promoting employee well-being. These events offer a break from work-related stress and provide an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Away from the daily demands of their roles, employees can engage in wellness activities like mindfulness sessions, yoga, or outdoor sports. Investing in employee well-being not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to its workforce but also contributes to higher employee satisfaction, reduced burnout, and increased productivity upon returning to work.

What Does Team Away Day Mean?

A team away day refers to an organised event or outing where members of a team or department come together outside of the usual work environment. It is an opportunity for team members to engage in team-building activities, discussions, and experiences that aim to strengthen their relationships, improve communication, and enhance collaboration. 

Team away days often involve a break from regular work routines and provide a relaxed setting for team members to connect, bond, and develop a deeper understanding of each other. These events play a significant role in fostering a positive team culture, boosting morale, and creating a sense of unity and shared purpose within the team.

What is the Purpose of Staff Away Days?

The purpose of staff away days is to provide employees with a break from their usual work environment and engage them in activities or experiences that aim to achieve various objectives. These events are designed to foster team building, enhance communication, and promote collaboration among staff members.

Staff away days often incorporate team-building exercises, workshops, training sessions, or recreational activities that encourage personal and professional development. The ultimate goal is to create a positive and engaging environment that boosts employee morale, strengthens relationships, and contributes to a more motivated and cohesive workforce. What Do You Wear to a Team Away Day?

What Should Be Included in a Team Away Day?

A successful team away day should include a well-rounded mix of activities and elements that cater to the specific goals and needs of the team. It is important to incorporate team-building exercises and interactive games that promote collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

Workshops or training sessions focused on skill development, leadership, or personal growth can be valuable. Allowing time for open discussions and brainstorming sessions encourages idea-sharing and creativity. 

It is also essential to provide opportunities for relaxation and socialisation, such as group meals or informal gatherings, as these foster stronger relationships among team members. 

Planning a Corporate Away Day

When planning a company away day, it’s essential to invest time in proper planning and research. Finding the right balance is key, considering the diverse personalities in your office and striving to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

It’s important to ensure that the event is not only fun but also productive and beneficial for the company, boosting team spirit and achieving desired outcomes. Whether your goal is to encourage competition, develop new skills, or enhance team engagement, careful planning is necessary. 

Aligning the chosen activity with your team’s key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. Structuring the day effectively is vital, as maintaining momentum and incorporating rewards and entertainment throughout. Leveraging your company’s social media presence by promoting the event can help generate interest and attract potential talent to your organisation.

The Benefits of Corporate Away Days, Recap

  1. Enhance Communication
  2. Encourage Team Bonding & Motivation
  3. Gain Honest Feedback
  4. Encourage Friendly Competition
  5. Skill Development & Training
  6. Improved Employee Wellbeing

There are so many reasons why corporate team away days are beneficial to your company by allowing your team to have a break from the office at a corporate away day venue, so we have outlined a few above.

The main points to take away are that a company away day can increase face-to-face communication, increase engagement, enhance communication, encourage fun team building and motivation and encourages friendly competition. If executed correctly then your next away day can be extremely profitable for your business in the long run!

Corporate Away Day at Yarnfield Park

If you are having trouble planning a corporate away day, then we can help with that. If you choose to host your company away day at our perfect venue Yarnfield Park Corporate Training Centre, then you will be assigned a dedicated events coordinator. They will listen to all of your requirements and will help plan a day that is fitting to your goals and expectations.

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