5 Youth Group Activities You Have To Try

Youth groups are an extremely popular aspect of society in today’s era, with groups including people of all ages. These are located all over the world with numerous different types, depending on their target audience. From cubs and scouts to more varied religious youth groups, they all have one purpose- which is to entertain. 

Keeping people within a youth group entertained for a long amount of time is a difficult task, as they are full of individuals with so many unique hobbies and interests. Therefore, it is imperative that the youth group games are all-inclusive, and something everybody can enjoy with no person left out. 

Researching a range of fun games for youth groups can take some time and may not always give you the exact information you need. Because of this, we have collated a list of the top 5 types of youth group activities for you to include in your programme.

Youth Group Activities 

1. Indoor Youth Group Games

The first type of youth group games you could incorporate into your weekly activities are indoor games. This is an excellent idea when the weather isn’t on your side, or when you are looking for a cheerful night of fun activities. 

The first example of a game to include in your list of indoor activities for youth clubs is dodgeball. You can split the group into teams and let them get a bit competitive for a while.

The second game you can introduce as an indoor activity for youth clubs is clacky hockey. Benches will be placed around the room in each corner and the long sides with each team having hockey sticks. They will attempt to use the hockey puck to get other teams out by hitting their bench, then that team must swap over players and once each team member has played, that team is then out. This can result in lots of fun and is a great idea for youth group games.

The last idea for indoor games for youth clubs is basketball or netball. These games are quite similar to each other, so you could let the club members decide which they would rather play on the day. 

Then, split the group into 2 teams to start the game and let them play against each other, potentially changing around the positions and teams at intervals with group leaders as referees. It is a great way for members to get their energy out, and take part in rewarding gameplay amongst their peers any time of the year.

2. Offsite Youth Group Activities

Offsite youth group games are a brilliant example of ways to include team-building activities for young people in a new and exciting environment. A fantastic idea for your upcoming offsite youth group activity is experiencing a team-building day out at Yarnfield Park. 

Yarnfield Park has partnered with Off-limits, one of many event companies offering offsite team-building activities. Off-limits specialises in delivering a number of engaging and interactive offsite team-building activities for large groups or smaller groups.

As well as this, another popular location to hold a trip out is for laser tag. It is a great icebreaker game for anybody new to joining the youth group, as working as a team can encourage them to socialise. 

Visiting external venues such as Yarnfield Park means the participants can have more of an experience and find other activities they enjoy. It is a brilliant example of youth group games if the weather isn’t on your side.

The last example of a trip out is bowling. It is a simple game to play that everybody involved can enjoy. There are lots of bowling alleys local to cities or towns all around the world. The amount of games you play is based on personal choice, but one thing is for sure- this youth group game will never disappoint. 

Here are some benefits of having away days that you might enjoy reading!

3. DIY Youth Group Games

Not all youth ministry activities need to be physical all of the time, so a brilliant idea as an alternative is crafts. It is something you can again, get each member of the youth group involved in, either individually or in small groups. 

One example of an indoor youth group activity is making paper aeroplanes. Each person will be given a piece of paper to see if they can make the most interesting aeroplane under a time limit that travels the furthest distance, it is a classic game that they’ll all enjoy.

Similar to paper aeroplanes, you could give the group some instructions and colourful card for origami, and see who can make the most interesting creations. They could do this by sitting at tables or choosing to sit in a circle, making it easier to communicate during the activity. This will also engage their cognitive functions, teamwork and problem-solving, some core values that are encouraged within youth groups. 

3. Outdoor Youth Group Games

The fourth example of the top 5 youth group games are ones played outdoors. A perfect example of an outdoor game that everybody loves will be football. Pick an open space, outline the goals and let them have fun! The list of football benefits, especially for youth groups is huge, so can benefit their development greatly.

The next outdoor youth group game you could play is capture the flag. Capture the flag is a brilliant way to bring out a competitive side of the group, especially on a beautiful summer’s day. Each team will attempt to capture the other team’s flag, without being sent back by the competitors. It also can increase confidence when they play this game as communication is key in a game like capture the flag. 

4. Breakout Games for Youth Groups

The last game for youth groups to bring into their programme is breakout games. These can be played during a break, or if everybody would prefer a more chilled-out session. Despite them being non-physical, these activities are still extremely beneficial and enjoyable. 

An example of a useful breakout game is charades. Charades is where each person is given a book, film or TV title and has to act it out to the rest of the group without any words. The first person to guess correctly would then be the one to act out their given title. 

Another breakout game you can use in the youth group setting is bingo. Give everybody a bingo card and a pen, then either use a random number generator on your computer or bring out the bingo set and begin to play. You could bring in some prizes for the winners to encourage them more

Whilst planning youth group games and activities may look daunting and difficult, hopefully, this has given you some ideas of what you can include in your club. Another great idea of how to get a range of activities to suit the needs of everybody best is by simply asking them! 

Our top 5 types of youth group games and activities are the perfect kickstart for any newcomers or existing groups wanting more variety and include all the information you require, in just one place.

Youth Group Retreats at Yarnfield Park

At Yarnfield Park we welcome all youth retreat groups at our retreat centre offering multiple indoor and outdoor spaces available for youth group games. Not only do we offer 20 acres of outdoor grounds suitable for outdoor team building activities but we also offer several religious areas for prayers and meditation for those that wish to use it too during their retreat with us. 

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