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How does tech affect your conference?

Technology has advanced majorly in the last few years. Whether for better or worse, we have many advancements that those 20 years ago wouldn’t have even dreamt off. Of course, these advancements have affected the way we do things. There’s no doubt tech development has affected meetings, conferences and events alike, but is it for the better?


The most obvious thing that is feared by all speakers is mobile phone use. It’s so easy to look down to check an email and suddenly become distracted by a wave of notifications.  Once your concentration is lost, it’s hard to get back. This is the downfall of both the speaker and the audience. The same can be said for having laptops open during a conference for surveys and research. It’s so easy for the audience to end up distracted. The best way to combat this is to ensure your conference and speakers are as engaging as possible.

Tech faults

It always seems to be at the worst moments that tech fails us and something goes wrong. Whether a presentation freezes or the mics won’t work when all eyes are on you. Although as technology develops the likelihood of this happening is minimalised, there’s still that chance that your flow is ruined. Always ensure you arrive at the venue early to do a run down and have a full understanding of how everything works. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case the worse happens. Even though you may not use it, at least you’ll have a safety blanket.


From speaking to potential guest speakers to writing up a spreadsheet of costs, technology is used a lot for planning. It certainly makes the job a lot easier. You can keep all your preparation materials in one place and set reminders to ensure key things get done. It also makes communicating with your conference team a whole lot easier. You can use collaborative apps so everyone is on the same page.

Conference Apps

Conference Apps are becoming ever more popular. They’re a great way to get people interacting and engaging with what you’re saying. The fastest way to bore people is to simply talk at them. Apps such as Core Apps give you the ability to schedule meetings, put out live polls and scan badges. If there is something particular you need for your conference, chances are there’s an app for it. It’s good to have all your resources in one place. Apps and emails make it so there’s no need to print off lots of paper copies.


Presentations are so much easier with the right AV technology. You can make them interactive and they are a great partner for a speech or string of speakers. Audiences love to have something visual they can focus on whilst listening, that emphasises what they’re hearing. You can also include videos and other references that support your point.

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