Salt and Light


Salt and Light are a network of churches across the UK. They hold several conferences and a summer festival over the year and Yarnfield Park welcomed them for the first time to host their GameChangers event which was a unique event that catered for and accommodated more than 400 leaders.

In 2016, we also welcomed their theology programme opening weekend and continue to accommodate various other meetings of all sizes throughout the year. Salt and Light Ministries were particularly pleased with our catering services and communal areas which they believed were excellent for networking and fellowship. General feedback from the delegates reflected that the venue and food was a real step up and the bar and Costa facilities were a particular favourite. We can’t wait to have them back.

“Our annual UK leaders’ conference – GameChangers – moved to Yarnfield Park for our 2016 event. The location, facilities and residential element gave us just what we wanted. From an organiser’s point of view the planning of the event and liaison with Yarnfield went very well, helped by their clear way of working and attention to detail. Sharing the ‘operational schedule’ with Yarnfield’s operations coordinators meant both sides always knew what was planned. That clarity gave us real confidence. The team at Yarnfield served us exceptionally well throughout our three days onsite and we are looking forward to 2017.”

David Knott
Events Manager
Salt & Light Ministries