What to consider when event planning

Event planning is a big task, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re doing it solo or in a team, its important to plan thoroughly so nothing gets forgotten. Whether you’re in charge of the whole event or simply a team member on the planning committee, we’ve got you covered with our handy guide on event planning.


Before you can begin any part of the planning you need to understand and establish your budget. This will show you how many guests, what catering and what sort of venue is feasible. There’s no point having a load of ideas which you can’t then carry out. If you have a team, sit down with everyone and draw up how much you have. If you’re on a budget consider the aspects of the event which are the most important to you, so you can prioritise these first. Also consider where the money is coming from. Are you having sponsors, donations or are relying on people buying tickets to cover the costs? One of the best ways to keep track of everything is drawing up a spreadsheet and record everything, even those minor things, so you know exactly where the money is going.


What is your intention for throwing the event? Is it exposure, celebration or something unique? Either way, by having a clear goal in mind for your event you can ensure everything goes to plan. Think of things you can do to push towards your goal, for example, if you want exposure for your company, ask guests to use a certain hashtag in their Instagram photos. Put up your company logo around the event space so it’ll be captured in all the snaps. Get creative with it and really make your event a success.


A lot of the aspects will depend on how many guests are attending. There’s pros and cons to having a large event or keeping it more intimate. Consider that a big event with lots of people will be great for exposure and the overall wow factor, but with a select crowd you can allow more budget for each person, so it’ll be more lavish. If it’s a corporate event you might already have a set guest list so it should be nice and easy. If not, sit down and write up some rough numbers. The earlier you start planning the earlier you can send out the invites and should, in theory, have a better turn out.


The success of an event can very much depend on the choice of venue. Choosing somewhere flexible that can cater to your needs is typically better than scouring for somewhere that has exactly what you want. At Yarnfield Park we have over 35 training, conference and breakout rooms that are adaptable to your venue needs. Our friendly team are experienced in organising a range of different events and conferences so please don’t hesitate to get in contact today.


Every event needs food, whether it be light refreshments or a sumptuous meal. After a long day or night your guests will want something to eat, and great food tops off a great event. Consider how much of your budget you want to spend on the food and plan accordingly. A buffet is great for a more casual mood and means guests can help themselves throughout the evening. You can also cater to different tastes and dietary needs more easily this way. A sit-down meal would be better for a more formal feel. The standard is to have three meal options for each guest so there’s a choice without too much complication. A full meal tends to be more expensive than a buffet but will most likely fulfil your guests more, particularly if they’ve been at the event all day.

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