Why co-working will boost your productivity and creativity

Co-working brings together freelancers, small business owners and other entrepreneurs that tend to work from home. Co-working can be useful for a number of reasons – not only to make a change from working in isolation but also to maximise productivity and inspiration.

Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre is hosting Stafford Jelly next week – a free co-working event in our open working space. It’s aimed at entrepreneurs looking for an informal and relaxed working environment, with the opportunity of meeting like-minded people. It’s not a networking event for selling your products or services, but it is a good place to meet others and share ideas.

Read on for 6 reasons why free co-working is a good idea.

• Co working will ensure a better work-life balance as you can clearly differentiate your work space and your home space.
• You won’t get distracted whilst working in a business environment. Equally your work is less likely to creep into valuable down time.
• The sense of community at co-working spaces is often very uplifting and will increase your self-confidence.
• It’s cost efficient for you to be spending your days elsewhere in a location with all the facilities you need. You’ll have access to a high quality location that would otherwise be out of your budget.
• You’ll have access to a better internet connection than you would at home for sure, increasing your work efficiency.
• Co-working allows you greater flexibility than renting an office. You won’t be committed to long leases – you can come and go as you please.

Interested in free co-working at Yarnfield Park? Buy a ticket for the Stafford Jelly co-working event this Thursday 29th May 2014.

Otherwise, Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre has a large open working space in the dining area that can be used every day. We have people that use the facilities just to ‘hot desk’ or for a meeting. Check out our special offers, for 10% off at our Costa Coffee.

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