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5 meeting productivity tips – get more out of your time

At Yarnfield Park, we’ve seen a meeting or two. As a residential conference centre conveniently located in the West Midlands, we host hundreds of meetings at our venue every year.

We know that sometimes meetings in the office aren’t as productive as they ought to be, so we’ve put together 5 simple meeting productivity tips to help your team get more out of their time.

For short meetings, why not stand up!

The discomfort of standing for too long will certainly speed a meeting up. Standing encourages attendees to get to the point much quicker and laptop screens are much less of a distraction…

Hold a walking meeting

Ideal for small groups, walking meetings can be much more fun (and healthier) than sitting in a stuffy boardroom! Energy levels will rise as attendees get out into the fresh air, sparking creativity as well as new ideas and a newfound enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Switch up your environment

Taking important meetings off-site (such as an Annual Group Meeting) may decrease interruptions – any temptations for attendees to take a call or answer emails at their desk are removed. The only thing to do is focus on the meeting!

Being somewhere different (maybe even for an overnight stay!), such as a residential conference centre, can also encourage attendees to look at things from a different perspective, outside of the daily routine of the office.

Change the time

Meetings are usually scheduled on the hour or half past. If your team is regularly late, try scheduling the meetings to a specific time (such as 11:37). Some teams claim that this has removed lateness altogether, leaving more time to spend on what’s important.

Make meetings optional

Giving people the option to attend can reduce the time spent away from important work. It can also build trust within teams and avoid temptation to schedule irrelevant meetings.

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