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6 tips to help your business exhibit effectively at your next industry exhibition

Whether exhibiting at a large national training centre or a smaller venue, we know that exhibitions can provide excellent opportunities to get leads, build business relationships and even make sales. But how should businesses ensure that they get the most out of an exhibition?

Head of Sales and Marketing at national training centre, Yarnfield Park, Richard Smith gives us 6 helpful tips

• Remember to speak to other exhibitors not just the delegates – exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to network, and whether you’re selling digital marketing or recruitment services, the people at the expo are there because they are interested in what you’re doing.

• Tell people that you’re attending – if you use social media, tell your followers that you’re exhibiting at the event, what you will be offering and where you will be located. Use the hashtag associated with the event to join in with the buzz of the exhibition and generate some social media engagement for your brand.

• Choose your space wisely – check out what other businesses are exhibiting and where they will be located. Try and select a space in a main walkway and away from competitors if possible.

• Try and secure a speaker session – many events have keynote speaker spots. These can be great opportunities to position yourself as a thought leader in your sector. You may also gain more publicity before the event. Speak to the event organisers to see if this is a possibility.

• Attract people to your stand – think bright colours, quirky giveaways, competitions and attractive marketing materials. You’ve invested time and money for this event – make the most of it and stand out from the crowd!

• Check the WiFi capabilities at the venue – If the event is likely to be very busy, WiFi services may be slow or unavailable. Check that the WiFi is suitable for what you need on the day and make sure you’re prepared. Choose a conference centre with fast WiFi if you can!

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