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internetTraining Centre with fast Wi-Fi

At Yarnfield Park we offer one of the fastest FREE dedicated internet solutions available at any conference or training centre in the UK.

It has a 300Mbps superfast connection allowing up to 800 simultaneous device connections at any one time and, crucially, it is free for all our delegates to use.

"At many hotels and conference centers, the existing Wi-Fi network can handle only 20 to 25 connections at one time and the bandwidth for the network is barely enough for people who are downloading and uploading data". Dewayne Hendricks (who has provided Wi-Fi at David Isenberg's Freedom To Connect events in Washington DC, Social Capital 2009 in San Francisco, West Coast Green 2009 in San Francisco and others)

For organisers who need a national training centre with Wi-Fi, our solution gives you the ability:

  • To access and download large data files.
  • Run events that require you and your delegates to access online portals.
  • Stream presentations and live link with ease.
  • Save money and be environmentally friendly as you won't need to print off bulky learning materials for your delegates.

For delegates our solution allows you to:

  • Stay connected with your colleagues and clients even if you are out of the office.
  • Easily access online resources across multiple devices.
  • Access your online apps, such as Sky Go, to watch films and sport with ease.

 Need a conference centre with Wi-Fi? Get in touch with us on 01785 762605.

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About Yarnfield Park

At Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre, in the Midlands, we work with companies from a diverse range of business sectors to help them achieve their conference, training and development goals. We offer one of the fastest free dedicated Internet and WiFi solutions within a training and conference centre in the UK.

Situated in the Midlands, our training and conference centre’s central location is accessible from all over the UK via the region’s excellent transport links.

We have over 32 flexible meeting spaces, from large theatres for 450 delegates to vast outdoor space ideal for team building. We have a successful track record in delivering residential and non-residential conference and training programmes for associations, government and corporate clients.

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