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What is the best style of catering for a party?

Parties are great to get people together and dance the night away. You can laugh, make memories and get a chance to just relax. But inevitably a hot topic of conversation with everyone will be the food. It centres the evening and gives everyone something to look forward to. Great food tops off a perfect night and makes guests remember it. However, depending on the style of the evening will depend on the style of the food. You need to consider how the evening will pan out, what guests will prefer and what will fit with the theme. So, here’s our guide on choosing the best style of catering for your party.


Probably the most obvious and simplest idea for catering a party is the classic buffet. This way, everyone can help themselves to exactly what they want. Its also handy for people who have different tastes and needs as you can supply a range of different finger food. Most venues will supply a buffet at different levels, or if you’re self-catered its not too complicated to assemble some crisps, sandwiches and sausage rolls together. You can also decide on how extravagant you want it to be, so it could be a few light refreshments or lots of lavish snacks to simulate a meal. Any special requirements such as vegetarian or vegan can also easily be catered for with colour coded flags or a special section.

Sit down meal

If the party is more formal or is long enough to span through dinner time, a sit-down meal could be the best option. It will ensure everyone gets filled up and has added chance for people to be seated and really engage with each other. Put out place options to mix guests around or allow people to choose where they want to be, depending on the mood of the evening. It is possible to self-cater a sit-down meal, but it can be stressful, especially if you want to focus on enjoying the party. With this in mind its recommended to have the party at a venue. At Yarnfield park we have a variety of options available for catering, from small private lunches for 10 people to 250 seated dinner in our oak suite. We deliver delicious, high quality food on a daily basis and our experts can work closely with clients to create bespoke menus. So, if you want your party to have a lavish, unique dinner served please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


To give you party a more luxurious feel, having waters serving canape’s is a nice touch. This is particularly suitable if the party is an after-dinner affair and guests have already eaten but would enjoy a few light snacks. Canapes can easily be created at home or bought ready made from the supermarket. Offer the trays out around the party or rope in friends and family to help serve them out. Alternatively most venues will offer various different canape options and waiters will pass them out throughout the evening. Again, this option also makes it easy to cater for dietary needs with different plates being suitable for different people.

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