Multi-million pound investment at Yarnfield!

We’re very excited to confirm that a major programme of investment at Yarnfield Park will shortly commence in the summer of 2015. Read on to find out more…

Yarnfield Park has seen significant growth in its training and conference business over the last 4 years. So we will be upgrading all areas of the conference centre, from the bar and restaurant through to the accommodation and event space.

Richard Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing is thrilled to see this multi-million pound investment into Yarnfield Park: “Two years ago we invested £0.25m in our superfast Internet and Wi-Fi solution and immediately saw the benefits of such a significant project. This latest and much larger investment will see upgrades across all areas of the centre”. We specialise in residential conference and training programmes and we’ve identified the need for investment. We’ve been able to consult with key clients to see what’s important to them. And we’ve also carefully analysed the future requirements within the training and conference sectors. The multi-million pound investment will start within months and is due to complete within 2 years. Sit tight for more details coming soon!

For further details please contact: Richard Smith, head of sales & marketing, 01785 762865

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