The connection between sleep and learning are well documented at Yarnfield Park. Our bedrooms are situated in two dedicated buildings providing a peaceful and relaxing environment after a day of learning. All of our guest rooms offer a relaxing environment to ensure you and your delegates wake up refreshed and ready to go. Our friendly team will always be on hand with any special requirements to ensure you have a perfect stay.

Our chefs can create delicious seasonal food to fuel you through your stay at Yarnfield Park. We can serve specially prepared menus that everyone will enjoy. If you or one of your party has special dietary requirements, don’t hesitate to let us know so we can accommodate. Our team offer a variety of catering options to suit your needs. We have a five-star certification for health and hygiene so you can be assured the highest standard. At Yarnfield Park, we also have an on-site Costa Coffee for delicious brewed coffee during your stay.

Each residential block is connected by internal walkways to our main reception, lounge, restaurant and meeting areas.

With a choice of standard or executive accommodation, our rooms are both comfortable and practical -with facilities for guests to undertake quiet personal study if necessary.

Each room offers the following comforts:

  • En suite bathroom with bath and shower
  • Hospitality tray
  • Television, hairdryer and telephone
  • Lockable drawer
  • Self-service laundry facility and ironing room
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Fully accessible rooms available
TitleBuildingFloorHeight (m)Length (m)Width (m)TheatreClassroomCabaretBoardroomU ShapeHollow SquareExhibit 3m x 3m
Victory SuiteConnex - Corridor 1GF2.652312500-180---
Nelson 1Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6534.510-8---
Nelson 2Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6586.450-32---
Nelson 3Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6554.525-16---
Nelson 4Connex - Corridor 1GF2.653.16.415-16---
Duncan 1Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.24.6530-16---
Duncan 2Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.223200-88---
Duncan 3Connex - Corridor 21st2.6528.34.5200-96---
Duncan 4Connex - Corridor 21st2.659.66.280-32---
Duncan 5Connex - Corridor 21st2.652.93.48-8---
Duncan 6Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.24.530-16---
Howard 1 Connex - Corridor 31st2.659.54.552-24---
Howard 2Connex - Corridor 31st2.6512.76.2110-48---
Howard 3Connex - Corridor 31st2.657.64.544-16---
Howard 4Connex - Corridor 31st2.653.44.512-8---
Howard 5Connex - Corridor 31st2.6514.26.2135-56---
Howard 6Connex - Corridor 31st2.6512.76.2100-40---
Howden ACentral2.8415.47.212540602430306
Howden BCentral2.8415.47.212540602430306
Leighton ACentral2.8414.97.212540602430306
Leighton BCentral2.8414.97.212540602430306
Meet 2Central2.848.24.720121212--1
Meet 3Central2.8410.74.53024242016182
Meet 4Central2.8487.35024322418243
Meet 5Central2.8411.27.36030403024304
Meet 7Central2.8414.97.312048603634428
Meet 8Central2.849.35.94022322418242
Meet 9Central2.847.13.92012-12--1
Meet 10Central2.847.13.42012-12--1
Meet 11Central2.849.37.15018322220222
Meet 12Central2.849.87.15022322424243
Meet 12aCentral2.845.47---10--1
Syndicate A - DCentral2.844.84---8---
Syndicate E&FCentral2.844.84.3---10---
Cedar SuiteCentral2.8415.914.72208012828304014
Oak SuiteCentral2.8423.115.72508017636445620