Training and Conference

An environment conducive to learning is vital to ensure return on investment in training and conferencing. You can be confident in the knowledge that Kents Hill Park provides such a facility.

Fully compliant in meeting accessibility needs, our meeting rooms are located within Nightingale House which boasts a dedicated delegate reception, free hi-speed Wi-Fi connection, climate controlled air conditioning, refreshment station and business centre facilities for delegates and trainers.

Swallow House provides quiet breakout areas and refreshment stations.

Our sports hall provides the perfect space for team building activities.

Throughout your time with us, you will receive support from our team of trained professionals. We will provide the essentials required to run effective meetings, training sessions and conferences and are onsite to ensure that your needs are met on time, every time.

TitleBuildingFloorHeight (m)Length (m)Width (m)TheatreClassroomCabaretBoardroomU ShapeHollow SquareExhibit 3m x 3m
Victory SuiteConnex - Corridor 1GF2.652312500-180---
Nelson 1Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6534.510-8---
Nelson 2Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6586.450-32---
Nelson 3Connex - Corridor 1GF2.6554.525-16---
Nelson 4Connex - Corridor 1GF2.653.16.415-16---
Duncan 1Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.24.6530-16---
Duncan 2Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.223200-88---
Duncan 3Connex - Corridor 21st2.6528.34.5200-96---
Duncan 4Connex - Corridor 21st2.659.66.280-32---
Duncan 5Connex - Corridor 21st2.652.93.48-8---
Duncan 6Connex - Corridor 21st2.656.24.530-16---
Howard 1 Connex - Corridor 31st2.659.54.552-24---
Howard 2Connex - Corridor 31st2.6512.76.2110-48---
Howard 3Connex - Corridor 31st2.657.64.544-16---
Howard 4Connex - Corridor 31st2.653.44.512-8---
Howard 5Connex - Corridor 31st2.6514.26.2135-56---
Howard 6Connex - Corridor 31st2.6512.76.2100-40---
Howden ACentral2.8415.47.212540602430306
Howden BCentral2.8415.47.212540602430306
Leighton ACentral2.8414.97.212540602430306
Leighton BCentral2.8414.97.212540602430306
Meet 2Central2.848.24.720121212--1
Meet 3Central2.8410.74.53024242016182
Meet 4Central2.8487.35024322418243
Meet 5Central2.8411.27.36030403024304
Meet 7Central2.8414.97.312048603634428
Meet 8Central2.849.35.94022322418242
Meet 9Central2.847.13.92012-12--1
Meet 10Central2.847.13.42012-12--1
Meet 11Central2.849.37.15018322220222
Meet 12Central2.849.87.15022322424243
Meet 12aCentral2.845.47---10--1
Syndicate A - DCentral2.844.84---8---
Syndicate E&FCentral2.844.84.3---10---
Cedar SuiteCentral2.8415.914.72208012828304014
Oak SuiteCentral2.8423.115.72508017636445620