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Triathlon success for Wayne & Patience


Conference Sales Manager Wayne Lamb and his 7 year old daughter Patience have both completed a triathlon in Ireland! Patience has written her own race report…it’s very refreshing to see the huge challenge through a 7 year old’s eyes!

The sporty pair entered the Lough Cutra Triathlon in Co Galway, Ireland on 24th May. It’s the first of the five Castle Triathlon Series weekend events to take place over the course of this year in Ireland, England and France. And Wayne and Patience will be taking part in not one, two, three or four… but five of them!

Wayne came 40th out of 120 and Patience was 18th in the under 10’s and ran the 6th quickest time in the running stage. We wish them lots of luck for their next race on 28th June at Cholmondeley, which they are already busy training for.

Here’s a little excerpt from Patience’s race report from Lough Cutra….

“The buzzer went and then a lady in the lake said go a bit to slow. As soon as she said go we went went – it was really cold I couldn’t get my rhythm. I was like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ha ha ha 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ha ha ha. But eventually I got to the end.

In the middle a boy in a canoe said do you want to grab onto my canoe I said no I am fine then at the swim finish somebody pulled me out of the water and a lady pushed me to help me, it didn’t really help but anyway.

I started to run in the water and then onto the grass. I got into transition 1 and put my helmet on and then took my wetsuit off then my socks and trainers went on. My grandma unracked my bike and I got on and off I went. I made a friend on the bike she over took me by far then I got into transition 2. I was the last child. I chucked my bike to grandma and put my helmet on the bank where grandma was racking my bike and I started to run.

I ran for a bit on my own then I saw two people in the distance and ran up to them over took my friend Eran and then I tried and tried to overtake a boy he was fighting back really hard but then I overtook him and broke his confidence and he dropped back.

I went round some bends and then saw my mum and dad on a wall. I ran for my life and a beeper went and ran to the finish line. I got a shiny silver medal. My time was 42:46 overall.”