The Company of Community Organisers


The Company of Community Organisers (COLtd) is an organisation that supports the training and development of community organisers across England. Their aim is to help build lasting relationships and networks in communities to activate people and to create social and political change through collective action. The CO16 event was a two-day programme that focussed on how to improve energy sustainability and welcomed guests from local authorities, Big Lottery Fund, Eden Project, Power to Change, Co-operatives UK and more -some guests travelled from as far as Holland!

Learning from one another, reflecting, making new connections and strengthening collective work formed the premise for this exceptional two days that ran 28 workshops in various rooms across the Yarnfield facility. Community Organisers are no strangers to Yarnfield Park and have held this event on our premises for four years now – in 2015 an incredible 73% voted to stay for another year.

“When thinking of where to go for our annual gatherings we always look to other venues, but then a sense of gravitational pull always leads us back to Yarnfield Park. After 5 years of working with the team at Yarnfield Park the venue has become the home of the community organising network. The venue balances corporate needs alongside the need for open space and reflection. Its remote location and onsite amenities means that you do not have to leave the venue and enables you to create the environment and atmosphere that brings people together to strengthen relationships between conference participants.
Thank you to you all for what you do – and looking forward to Community Organisers 2017 @ Yarnfield Park!”

Nick Gardham,