Why you should have meetings outside the office


Meetings are commonplace in the workplace. They can be productive and inspiring or can end up feeling like a waste of time. The setting of a meeting can dramatically change the course of the discussion. Carrying it out in the same space every time can leave employees feeling bored and unmotived. This is why at Yarnfield Park we think it’s great to hold some meetings in dedicated spaces which are specially designed for fantastic meetings, and here’s why.

Fewer interruptions

If you’re holding your meeting in a dedicated space, you’re far less likely to be interrupted. An office is bustling with employees who might just pop their heads in to ask questions or offer tea. Being in a private meeting room means you can complete your meeting without anyone else coming in.

More technology

Meeting spaces are typically equipped with the latest in AV technology and features to make your meeting stand out. Not only this but air conditioning and blackout blinds are commonplace in a professional meeting place, so you can ensure your delegates are comfortable and focused.

Escape the routine

Having the same routine can often make employees feel lethargic and unmotivated. Switching things up is a great way to increase motivation and productivity. A fresh space means fresh ideas and a more forward way of thinking.

Perfect size

Meeting rooms are usually hired out based on capacity, so you can get the perfect size for the number of delegates you have. Having a room that’s too small will be cramped and stuffy, whereas having one that’s too big will be far too echoey. Hiring a room out means you’ll have the optimum amount of space for your guests.

Face to Face

If you usually conduct meetings online due to geographical whereabouts, coming together in the middle at a meeting space means you can actually speak face to face. Although there is merit to online meetings, there are a lot of benefits to seeing each other “in the flesh.” You can understand their body language, have an easier time focusing, and can build better relationships with clients or other employees.

Praise for employees

Taking your employees for a day outside the office, and maybe treating them to lunch is a good way to show your appreciation. Everyone gets a day out which will increase morale whilst also getting work done.

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